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I recently met Glenn Rojohn in the mid '90s through a purchase of the Piggyback Flight painting.  The owner of the store where I purchased it told me about the painting and that Glenn lived in the area.  He and I eventually made contact with each other and became good friends.  We each shared a love for aviation.  I was a Captain for US Air at the time.

When Glenn was invited to go to Germany for a reunion in the town where he was shot down, I along with another US Air pilot, Jordan Brown, offered to buy Glenn and Jane Rojohn tickets on US Air so they could make the trip.  I think it was the deciding factor for them going since the tickets were expensive and we as airline employees were able to purchase the tickets for much less than they would have been otherwise.  It was just as important for us that they made that trip.

Upon their return, Jordan and I were invited over for lunch and to see the videos of their trip and how it was covered in the German media.

Mitchell Cowan, Captain US Airways--Retired

Poem sent from the Macnabs to Ferry Harreman to read to Lt William Macnab Ferry cares for the grave site in the Netherlands

Yes, peace has come at last, and yet we still can hear, A trembling, painful sobbing that does not come from fear.

It's a sob, more deep that fear would ever dare to start, It's the lonely sob of love; a mother's broken heart.

In the buses, on the street, everywhere she goes, Her eyes are drawn to ageless boys in new civilian clothes.

For in this maze of men, her eyes are seeking still; the blond hair, blue eyes, of her stalwart son, named Bill.

Will she ever find him, God, or is her search in vain, Is he safe in Europe's land, was he in the plane?

Waiting, praying, ten long months ... Waiting, praying still.  Praying that he's only missing...Oh, God, is that your will?

I would not pray or plead so hard, If it were not for one, Who came to you in all this grief, and begged to be a nun.

A holocaust she offered, as she gave to you her will ... O, Over-generous, giving God...Ao won't You give her Bill?

Sister David Maureen